Candidate for the Conservative Party nomination in the Riding of Nepean

"We were happy to see that Steve Desroches is tossing his hat back in to the political arena... Locally, our best case scenario is to have the strongest candidates running, and that they bring out the political best in each other during a campaign. Steve Desroches will do that."

~ Barrhaven Independent

"Steve Desroches was a great City Councillor and will work hard as our Nepean Member of Parliament. We need our voice heard in Parliament."

~ Sherry Franklin, Nepean

"We need a strong, local, experienced and honest leader as our Nepean Conservative Party of Canada candidate. Let's vote Steve Desroches to lead the party in the 2019 federal election."

~ Darrell Bartraw, Nepean Community Leader and Barrhaven Canada Day Founder/Organizer

"Steve Desroches is returning to the political arena by seeking the Conservative party nomination in the riding of Nepean. This is great news for residents of Barrhaven..."

~ The Barrhaven Blog

Experience – Results – Promise Made – Promise Kept

Why Steve can win the seat back from the Liberals in 2019!

Ottawa Citizen Columnist and Progressive Conservative candidate Randall Denley called Steve a strong local candidate to help the Conservatives win in Ottawa.

Here are some of the Reasons to Choose Steve

He was elected to serve South Nepean and Barrhaven constituents for eight years at City Hall.

Steve is a man of his word which is demonstrated by keeping his promise to taxpayers to only serve two terms on City Council.

He was recognized by Conservative Veterans Affairs Minister Erin O’Toole for his work to support and commemorate Canada’s veterans.

His significant volunteer efforts were recently recognized by the Governor General of Canada.

He is a founding member of the Barrhaven Legion and continues to lead local efforts to honour veterans and Canada’s military history.

Steve’s experience representing us helped move our community forward

He led the charge to lower building permit fees to help residents with their home improvement projects.

He worked with local business leaders to host Ottawa’s first business fair with the LRT contractor to help generate local spin-off jobs and hometown sub-contracts.

He worked with former police chief Vern White to improve public safety and called on the Province to charge Quebec motorists with red light camera infractions.

He partnered with local elected officials to deliver key transit and road projects.

Steve also sees the bigger picture

He was a champion of public-private partnerships and pushed to move ahead with a new stadium for the Red Blacks.

As a City Councillor he wasn’t afraid to vote NO on needless spending.

He was a member of the City Audit committee and helped hire a strong Auditor General.

Like many Nepean residents, he served Canadians in the federal public service in a number of departments and agencies including offices located in Nepean.

Steve is a graduate of the University of Ottawa and Carleton University.

Steve and wife Michelle are the proud parents of four children.